PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

@CMARCHAN, I used zeroqode´s plugin before, but from my point of view, it is not a good option when you have dinamic data (you can not define the size of the page in advance), because it affects the proportions in the final pdf.

Regarding your use case. I suggest to explore it:

  1. Use “utilities (bdk)” plugin.
  2. With the “list procesor” functionality you can explore the full dinamic list you have.
  3. With conjure pdf plugin you define different columns for your 5 fields, and you define wich one use (Only if) based if they are empty or not.

I hope it helps you

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You rock Edwin!

I will certainly explore your suggested approach! Thank you.

Dear @vini_brito, I included .pdf to the url (text), and to the file name (text) but the result is the same.
1.a- When it does not have .pdf I can download the file, but without extension so I can not read it, but if I change the file name and I include .pdf, I can open it.
1.b- And when I included the .pdf to the url, I can not access to the file.

  1. I tried also saving it as a file and it works, but the result is the same.

Then I upload manually the pdf to the file type, and I open the link, and of course it works; then I delete to the link the .pdf at the end and the result was the same I got on 1.b

I quite sure, I am making a small mistake, but I can not realized it.

Bellow you will find the screens where I save the pdf to the database, maybe you can notice something.

Once again thanks for your support.

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I’d have to look into more details, for example sample URLs of each case.

Thank you. I really appreciate your support!!

@vini_brito I tried to insert 2 photos in one PDF and it’s not generating. Is it a known issue/limitation or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for the awesome plugin!

There’s an issue regarding images that will be fixed in an upcoming update, yes, but it’s not that frequent and it should work fine already in most of the cases, considering the rules are being followed.

I have a behavior similar to the “voucher case”, a background image and the insertion of a QR CODE that was generated some steps before the conjure PDF.

  1. The background image is a PNG file so it’s not a problem.
  2. The QR Code is JPG created using the plugin : Generate/Scan QR Code

If I try to add one of the two images with the dynamic text it works fine, but if I add both images it doesn’t generate the PDF file for download. I saw something on your “voucher” solution post that you changed the file name to something simple, I am using simple names with it but it still doesn’t generate.

I also tried forcing the images to be on the header and footer but it didn’t work.

Is there anything else I could try?

Thank you for the super fast response!

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Maybe the QR Code wasn’t generated yet when the PDF is created.

Does the plugin has an event that says it has finished uploading the QR Code image?
If so, you can place the workflow that creates the PDF under that event.
If not, try uploading the image in a separate workflow and only in a subsequent workflow creating the PDF.

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Yeah, I will try that. I will report back as soon as I finish testing it.

Thank you for your help and this awesome plugin! Very useful!

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@vini_brito I got it to work! Thank you! I am going to try to explain it the best I can so it may help others.

The problem:

I was trying to insert a PNG image as my background and a QR Code that was being generated on the same workflow a few steps before generating the PDF. The problem I was having was that every time I tried to add both images it would not download the PDF at the end of the workflow.


  1. I created a separate custom workflow with > Start PDFModel A > Insert Image on a PDFModel A (the PNG File as a Background) - I followed one of the tips in a post to get a 300DPI quality image by creating a big resolution page and setting the image width and height by multiplying the original dimensions by 0.24. It worked perfectly.

  2. On my main workflow with the QR code generation, I added the custom workflow (previous step) before the step that inserts the QR Code image inside the PDF. So it ended up being like > After all of the previous steps including QR code generation > Trigger Insert “Custom Workflow” > Insert Image on a PDF Model A (this is the QR Code) > Define new Style for PDF Model A (for the extra dynamic text I needed) > Create text on a PDFModel A > Conjure PDF Model A.


You are going to have to be mindful and test a lot on your custom margins to make everything be in the right place.

The field “Image name” on the Insert Image is a requirement. If you forget to fill it out you get an error. Also, this field is a bit tricky, everytime I updated or selected a different image I had to change a letter from the name or it would not work. And it would not give an error msg. So watch out for that.

That’s it. I had to print 77 versions to get it right. Good luck!


Huge thanks for the detailed report! :grin:
I’ll surely refer some people to it.
Also, one of the changes I’ll look into making is removing the “image name” field since a lot of people trip on it, now that I know more I have a few ideas on how to remove it.

Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @vini_brito
Currently, there is a problem with the plugin, but it was working right
After the pdf is created, the download process starts but the file does not have extension, so the file can not be open, unless you manually rename it.

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Hello @edwinbolanosb,

First of all, thank you for posting this question to @vini_brito, I was about to ask the same thing because I was having the same problem. The link generated by the “save to database” did not include the “.PDF” extension on the file saved to the DB, while the download from the browser adds it automatically.

I did find a solution following the directions from @vini_brito in response to your original post.


All you have to do is add “.pdf” to the “File name” field at the Conjure PDF step in your workflow.

After adding the “.pdf” at the end of the filename the download from the browser works the same and the link “save to database” downloads the file with the proper extension.

I hope this works for you if you have not done it yet.

Thank you all and good luck!


Hello @marcos thanks a lot for your tip, it works perfectly.


Just a message to thank you for this great plugin. I would be happy if you spent it by paying because frankly it’s a great job.

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Hi Folks!

I am back again at this … @vini_brito @edwinbolanosb @marcos

Please take a look at this, as it is very explanatory:

Objective: Print a pdf with several images below a table (optimally I would love the images in the table but it seems this cannot be done currently by the plugin)

Problem: The pdf only gets conjured at all if the image names are the same in the steps 8 & 9 “insert image”.

I have tried several variations and I cannot get the PDF to be conjured when the image names are different. The only way I get a PDF at all, is when the image name is the same…

Any pointers on how I can get the different images to print in the pdf?

Any help folks would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

@cmarchan, have you tried to break the workflow a little bit by separating the insertion of pictures in a different workflow? Since you can’t really set an order to the image that goes first you might be running on an error because of it. I don’t know if it’s going to solve your issue but it is something you could try.

Good luck!

Thank you Marcos!

Let me try that suggestion. I will let you guys know how things work out.

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@marcos Took a stab at separating the flow. This is the result:


I had to again keep the image name the same for the pdf to be conjured. But … as you can see what happens is that the same image gets printed out.

Thanks for the pointer though, it was a good idea!

Hopefully I can think of some other thing to try…