PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

@cmarchan, are the images supposed to be inserted inside a table? I never tried to insert images in columns so I can’t really give you a direction on that, but, if you can go on the route to freely position them you could try to set customs margins for each image.


It takes trying a few times to get it right but it worked for me.

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Did that already. That is what got me this horizontal distance:


The current flow attempts to put images outside of a table in horizontal columns.

Ideally it would be even better to have them within rows of a table but the plugin apparently cannot handle that.

Hopefully some other folks can come up with some other suggestions to finally solve this. Thanks again @marcos for the great pointers!

The name has to be different, else it picks the same image.
Try checking if the second image works if only the second one is inserted. If so, then it’s likely a bug and I suggest you just leave the images off until the next big update comes along.

Hi @vini_brito

Thanks for the feedback. Yeap I did try the second image suggestion and it does not work.

So, I will wait for the next big update.


@cmarchan, I just ran a quick test page and this is my first result with multiple photos.

I got the photos to work vertically. All I did was to include a 1000ms pause between inserts.

Each dog have a different file name.

I’m trying to get them horizontally. I think we should be able to accomplish it.

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@cmarchan It worked.

I think you must check custom margin even if you leave it all zeros.

Good luck!

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For some reason, I can’t get the LEFT margin to work from the second image on.

But I would suggest you create a second Multi-column for the images, so your pdf would use 2 multi-columns, one for text and one for images.

Good luck!

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@marcos you rock!

I assume you used your latest technique of wait times within images and all of them within a multi-column.

Let me try that right away!

Thank you for not letting this go. I appreciate this very much.

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Well it should’ve worked, then it would be a bug.
Since it didn’t worked, it’s likely something in the way this second image is setup and you can tinker with it to make it work.

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I worked a little bit and got these results:

I had to include a text in between images to have some spacing between images. The * is the text.

Hope it helps!

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@marcos Bingo!

Used 1000ms pauses as you suggested and had to go negative on some margins for them to align:

Will be prettying up the pdf now as much as possible considering the current functionality of the plugin.

Many thanks and a big shout-out to you @marcos

Could not have done this without your perseverance!


Made it work @vini_brito

Thanks for this great plugin!

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I am using this great plugin but when i send email with pdf attached it comes through as a .dat file
i tried adding .pdf to the url field in email but then no attachment is sent
what am i doing wrongemailfileattach

try removing the “https://” and tell what happens, and try both with and without “.pdf” in the end

still coming through as a .dat without the pdf extension in the url and no attachment if i add .pdf to the url

Try, in the “Conjure PDF” action, adding the .pdf.
So you originally create the file with the .pdf in the file name.

@simone1 when you create the pdf include the .pdf at the end of the name


that worked thank you

do you know how to centre an image in the header on the pdf?

Thank you that worked


I am trying to create the attached pdf - is it possible to set the table column widths - i need the first column to be 25% and the second 75% of the total width?