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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Soon we will have support for bbcode tags (:
I expect to release it around next week.

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Oh cool! - Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@vini_brito Hi Vini, I have a unique situation which I’m wondering you can advise.

I have a Stripe API.

Within my workflow I have one step before ‘Conjure PDF Model’, which is to charge the user. This was working fine since Stripe would bring out a pop up in the page and when payment was made it would create the PDF.

However, now with an update Stripe takes the payment to another page. And when the payment is accepted it goes back to the original page (which reloads) and now the PDF wont Conjure.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance!

I’m halfway done building my PDF workflow. What’s the downside of creating a 100 step workflow?

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No downsides (:
It’s a pretty fast operation. The only delays come from downloading data, if you preload them, then it’s always instant.
I’ve made workflows with hundreds of steps and all went fine.
50+ pages and it went fine too.

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I’d like my pdf workflows to be more structured! :wink:

I think it’d help you to have a more clean approach. Also easier to modified and/or debug.

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thanks @jmalmeida . My problem is with the body, it’s a complex document. Your body is just one step - mine would be many more (columns, many inputs, images, and no repeating structure to add efficiency).

I see your one step body, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to build different body templates and insert them into short workflows. Is that what you did?

It’s not that my body it’s only one step, it’s just that I have all the body steps in a Custom Event that I trigger from my main pdf creation workflow. And the same with the header, footer and styles.

Of course, you could create several body templates, each in one Custom Event and trigger only one based on a condition from the main pdf creation workflow.

It’s just a matter of structure. As I said: easier to modified and/or debug.

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Hello, i am trying to use the PDF Conjurer plugin, i want to edit kind of invoice from the database.
when i try the app in the preview mode, it doesnt work, the pdf url is not saved into the database or the file manager.
If someone can keep an eye on my work plzzzz

Ooh that’s pretty neat! I think I’ll build mines like this too from now on!

@elmorocodu89 The file is only available under the purple/pink event that you’re using :wink:
If that’s not the problem, then try making sure the PDF is being generated by enabling the browser download so you can see the PDF.


Hello @vini_brito,

How can I use the PDF conjurer to create a PDF from the Backend workflows?

Thanks a lot.

You cannot use it for this yet. I’m working on a backend-compatible solution, so in a couple months more or less it will be out :blush:


thank you for your answer, I checked everything, and it still doesnt work, i enabled the browser download but nothing happen.
It’s my first project with bubble maybe i did a mistake but idk where.

Thanks a lot for the answer Vini :slight_smile:

Hi @vini_brito , I am trying to create a pdf with an advanced table that contains a column with an image.

Here is the setup of the column:

And I am getting this error:

I’ve tried all the possible combinations - it just doesn’t work. In the meantime, I can open S3 image link in incognito mode - so it seems to be a public link.

Would be grateful for any hint.

Oh, that’s weird. Are these images behind privacy rules?
Can you tell me more about the overall setup?

Thank you for the quick response. I’ve experimented a lot with the plugin - still haven’t made it work.
What is interesting. I have images in the DB that are uploaded with the file uploader. When I indicate these images in the table and print PDF - all is printed fine without errors.

But I also have images that are created by the plugin (Element to PNG Plugin | Bubble). The image is taken from the plugin and is stored in a thing. And when I try to generate a table in the PDF with these images I got these errors:

It seems that these images are stored at S3 somehow differently. Can’t figure out what is wrong here.

Just made it work! :muscle: Using intuitive brute force :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
So in the “add column” action, I’ve added to the data source (list of images) :imgix operator and it works.