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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

hi @vini_brito
Thank you for your greate plugin!

I am trying to create PDF, but Japanese language seems not to be printed correctly.
Can you upgrade it for other language format?

Hi @KeitaroNakata! Can you try to use a japanese font if one exists? I’m really new to rendering non-latin text, so I apologize if that’s not how it works.
Use the workflow action “Load font” to load it and apply that font to the text’s style.

Let me know if this solves it as others may ask me this in the future!

Hi @vini_brito.
The pdf conjurer has worked really weel for a couple of months, but around one month ago I started having random problems, I check the whole WF, and tested different options, but the problem is still there, so I am considering the source of the problem could be the private policies, because I used dependencies: for example: currentusercompany = this objectowner`company.
Do you know if there were changes on private policies recently?
Thanks in advance,

Not that I am aware of.

Did it worked normally with private images? Because due to a previous report I have an issue in my backlog for testing private images. Or are no images used?

I use a lot of images, I am going to check it. Tks

Yeah try testing with public and with private images. The issue that I have says that private images weren’t being loaded, thus making the workflow fail.

Hi @vini_brito
Thank you for your reply.
As you said, I added load action, but console error happens.
“Noto Sans JP (regular)” is nomaly listed in bubble font.

Have you followed this? PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database) - #414 by vini_brito

You need to upload the font first. And the “Regular”, “Bold” fields etc according to the example must be links to the uploaded fonts.

Oh, sorry I didn’t.
Thank you. I will try.

I uploaded.
Now I can confirm jaoanese charactors apper properly “in some case”.

below is what happen to my editor.

once specific charactor is in the pdf data, many other charactors are affected by the one.
Do you know what is happen and any solution?

Sorry, I don’t see any reason for the characters to disappear. :confused:
Maybe try using another font, or testing other alignment properties.

OK, I see.
I gonna trying.

Hey, @vini_brito,

I love we can now add custom fonts.
When would it be possible to display correctly bb code?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

It’s being worked on right now :blush: if everything goes right, soon.


Really nice plugin @vini_brito!
I’m on the learning curve still, but have managed to work out those all-important repeats when conjuring a PDF.
Not quite worked out the difference between “repeated structure” and “repeated table”, but “repeated structure” did the job to begin with.
Tried to find something in your example editors but couldn’t find anything there.

Anyways, really good job and thanks so much for making this plugin!!

hello @vini_brito

Is there a way to have footer page counter like 1/4 2/4 3/4 etc… instead of the page number alone ?

other question, I can’t get some space between content and page number :

I tried to add some bottom margin to my text element, but it is not working.

Thanks for your work and your help !

Hi @Sarah_Esteve

Not right now, but the work to build that feature could be sponsored by you or anyone else interested :blush:

Try adding a top margin to the page number in the workflow action called “Activate footer” :wink:
Let me know if that helped!

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I’ll give it a try, thank you !

Hi @vini_brito
I love your plugin and the constant updates. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to do one thing, which is very important for my project: independent styling.

What i mean by that, is for example making only a few words bold, regardless of the style of a whole text field (in a single Create text action).

How can I achieve that?

Thanks for your work so far :slight_smile:

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