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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

@vini_brito I just released V 2.1.0 of PDF Merger which allows users to enter base64 strings (instead of URLs), as well as the ability for direct-download and to disable saving to database. All of this will hopefully allow PDF Conjurer users to by-pass saving to database and merging.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but PDF Conjurer currently does not support a base-64 output. This should be very easy to implement; there are multiple ways to do this, but my suggestion is:

  1. I couldn’t see a function or code like this in PDF Conjurer’s code, but if you want to implement it in the initializer, you can:
    var base64ContentArray = pdfDataUri.split(","); //In your case, pdfDataUri will come from your code, so this part may need to be a callback
    var mimeType = base64ContentArray[0].match(/[^:\s*]\w+/[\w-+\d.]+(?=[;| ])/)[0]
    var data_pdf = base64ContentArray[1]

  2. The data_pdf is what needs to be made visible, probably as an exposed state that you can publish later.

If you want me to draft out the code, I can, just let me know.


Yeah, I had just mentioned it does :yum:
Here’s the exact point:

It just does not outputs it without either uploading or prompting to download, that’s what needs to be changed.

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@vini_brito Thank you for helping me out!

I did not manage to include the image through the advanced table option. I always get the following error: The plugin PDF Conjurer / action Add column into advanced table a PDF Model threw the following error: protocolFix
[email protected][native code] (please report this to the plugin author)

My workflow looks like the following:

Set advanced table option:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-23 um 07.33.04

Add column for images:

This is the data which I want to show:

The images can be uploaded by the user. They are optional - so some fields include an image, some don’t. It is possible to show the images through a working group. So this part is working fine.

Do you have an idea what the issue could be?

Thank you again,

@stefan.123 I have a couple ideas. Try making the table’s unique name fully lowercase in all fields it is written and then test with a list that you are sure that all images are present, that way we will be able to troubleshoot potential issues :wink:

@vini_brito Oh I see now, yes you’re right; I misunderstood you.

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How make a rectangle with background?

Is possible add JsPDF native code (to make a rectangle, for example) ?


Alex Martins

Insert that as an image :wink:

So, isn’t possible, ok?

I need write over this. Can I write over image?

and JsPDF native code?

About jsPDF, nope, not possible.
You can have the image show the word you want. Would this solve it?


But my biggest problem is that I need to generate the PDF from the backend, no page and no user. At dawn. In the morning the PDF must be generated.

How to do this if I don’t find the component in the workflow backend?

There is work being done on making it work on the backend, it will be some time until this update is live if everything goes right.

Unfortunately the component won’t fit me then.
The two things I need don’t work.

That happens! Good luck on your journey :blush:


@vini_brito Thank you for the hint - the issue only appears if I don’t have any images in the data base. I defined a default image and now it works without problems. Thank you for your support and the awesome plugin!

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Hi Vini, great plugin! I apologize if this has been asked before, but if I am inserting a table, and I want the date to be included, does it need to be formatted a certain way? I’ve tried all the different “format as” options, as well as “formatted as text”, but the date column is consistently blank.

Good day, Vini
Thank you for your great plugin.
I tried several of them and yours is the best.

I don’t understand how to solve one problem. In pdf file Im showing list of things, the same like in rg I have on the page. RG shows data from db. In RG cell I have text element which shows different text depend on database information. For example now I have three conditions: when it is 0 in db it shows “not done” if it 1 it shows - “done” and when 2 it shows - “well done”.
How can I show it the same? I don’t really want to show customers digits: 0,1,2. Please give me a hint. Thank you in advance.

@nicholasrbarrow Good afternoon.
I have a problem generating a pdf where the name has “dot (.)”
I managed to create the workflow by making the two files join and when I finished I put it so that the name was a field in the database. They are customer names and sometimes they have “dots (.)” and when you download it it doesn’t come as a pdf file, it comes as an unknown file. This is easy to solve, just put the “.pdf” at the end but if there is a way for the file to even have a “dot (.)” to be able to download in pdf it would be great.
Thanks for your attention, it’s helping me a lot.

@glatner You sure it is being passed as a list of texts?

@play-in-team I would have to spend some time understanding your app design to help you on this and I don’t have the structure to do so right now.

@iscondidodido Dots in file names are usually problematic, not only here but in many other systems. Avoid them and you will avoid a whole class of problems.

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@vini_brito I’m not sure. I have it as “Thing”'s DATE formatted as mm/dd/yy"

I have also tried “Thing’s Date formatted as text” with “This Date” as the text to display.

Well, does the issue checker complains about something? And you can hover it to see if it resolves to a list of texts or a text.