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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Hey @vini_brito: I have a bug on my web mobile app.
It’s work perfectly on my iphone browser but not with android. I try everything.

To make it simple, I just put a button on my index who let me conjure the pdf.

  • With the workflow start model pdf and conjure it’s work perfectly.

  • But when I insert a text, it definitively doesn’t work (I try with style, I try without)

It is a known issue, you can sponsor the work to eliminate that issue, that is, if your project can fit it in your budget :blush:

If so, do send me a private message for us to talk about it.

I’m running into this issue - was there a solution you found that did not include proxies? I am also on chrome.

I have verified that I do not receive the behavior when the file is uploaded through the PDF Conjurer action block ( Insert Image on PDF ) - and also the CORS issue doesn’t come up when the images are stored on bubble’s S3 uploaded in that manner, and furthermore images pulled from the dynamic image loader (free images on the web) it also works - it looks like they get saved to S3 at some point and referenced from there.


I’ve encountered a limitation you might want to know about.
Basically, if you use this plugin in a backend workflow and if a step returns no data, then the workflow will cause an error.

For example, when using this plugin in a backend workflow, if you use an “Add table” action that returns no data (eg DoSearchFor = 0 items) AND this table has no header, then this will cause an error in your workflow.
If it has either content or a header it will work.

So this is important if you’re not sure what will be the exact content of your PDF and if some searches might be empty.

Here’s a workadound you might want to use (with screenshot below):

  1. Put a condition on the action for it to run only if it’s not empty.
    For example, if your table has a DoSearchFor Users, then your condition would be DoSearchFor Users :count >0
  2. However, doing this, you are creating a second problem: since this action will not always run, then you can’t reference it’s base64 content in further steps (when you fill “Previous step result”). Because it will return an empty content
  3. So you have to store that content in your database after each step, and use that field as a reference for “Previous step result”


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Hello @vini_brito,
I’m having an issue with the backend “Upload PDF” action: I can’t generate the PDF file, only the base64 version.

The file isn’t uploaded to the database (not visible in the File Manager).
And so the database field returns “It wasn’t possible to find the uploaded file URL”.

Below is my configuration in case I missed something obvious (which is probable, but I’ve already spent a few hours debugging and read your manual).
If not, could you please confirm this action is still working on the latest version of the plugin?


:one: PDF Conjurer workflow

:two: API workflow

Hey, @vini_brito,

I am trying to download a PDF with the latest 3.7.2 version of the plugin. In Chrome and in Firefox it works great.

But only in Safari appears this error.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

Have you tried modifying the “Attach this file to” to see if the file rights issue is resolved?
Attach it to a publicly visible thing, and test.

I have a similar problem with another plugin, and they have identified that this is an update in the Bubble core app that caused it.

Hi - I see the following error in the workflow log. I know more information will be needed to diagnose the problem but not sure how to get a hold of an error code or something like that. Could someone advise?


The backend API seems to be getting into trouble and erroring while generating a slightly larger doc (~6 pages long, almost entirely text). Any reason for this? Anything I could/ should do to make this better?

Hi guys,

Has anyone ran into this issue: I had a workflow that was working just fine and nothing was changed. Now it still works with no errors, however it doesn’t actually conjure the pdf??


When I try to insert data into the Footer, I get an error The plugin PDF Conjurer / action Create text on a PDF Model threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘columns’)

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Yes… no longer conjuring!