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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Hello @all can anyone help me out, I have two different pages and I want to print them in one pdf, is it possible or not ?

@roshan.linuxbean You can merge the two into a single PDF, then print that: PDF Merger [FREE; no external APIs] Plugin | Bubble


Thanks @nicholasrbarrow :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did anyone else run into this?
Captura de tela de 2022-07-18 13-35-34
edit for search:
TypeError: Cannot destructure property ‘defaultFonts’ of ‘configs’ as it is null at eval (eval at build_function (/var/task/index.js:8621), :1813)
at /var/task/index.js:349:23
at run_fn (/var/task/u.js:594:18)
Workflow is just a test text right now:
Captura de tela de 2022-07-18 18-04-45

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Hey, @vini_brito,

Any updates on this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

@hacker Nope, no projects on this currently. So no estimated time of delivery :truck:

Hi, thanks for this plugin.

I am working on creating a PDF document that has a background image. The difficulty is in correctly positioning the information (the pdf is like a printed form), but it’s just effort and pacience.

It happens that I can correctly use the top margin and right margin to position the data, but since in some cases the extension of the text is different, I cannot establish fixed positions.

In other words, I define a top margin to position a text, but if the previous texts are shorter, the subsequent text goes up; if they are longer the subsequent text goes down.

Is it possible to define margins that are not relative to other elements but to the axis values of “X” and “Y” in 0?

I am looking for some way to set de positions of the text, without relative values.

I tried and search but I cannot find a way to do that.


@gon.guty Well the current way this plugin works is in a declarative manner, as in blocks below each other, so this is what you get by default, so no way to place something in coordinates X,Y.
But you can change some other things based on text length. If text is too long, then apply less margin, etc.
You are a developer now, so do try to concoct something out of the ordinary with the tools you have! :blush:


Hi all,

I’m trying to build a PDF based on a list of typically 100+ data points each with one associated image and multiple text fields. It needs to be landscape, and the image should take up most of the page. I’m finding it difficult to achieve this, as I would have liked to use an advanced table but I believe I can only insert repeating data by column, not row? I have tried using a repeating structure, but it seems to start a new page after each data point, no matter how I set the page break.

Please see attached example image.

Would appreciate any advice on how to proceed.

Hi Rory,

Did you work this out eventually? I am encountering a similar challenge.

Hey there,

The plugin is great and works really well for me.

But, i’ve run into an issue.

I have some text formatted with BBcode. On bowsers other than Safari (Mac and iOS) the plugin formats the text with the BBcode. But when the user is on Safari.

It throws out the following error:

The plugin PDF Conjurer / action Create text on a PDF Model threw the following error: [email protected][native code]
[email protected]
[email protected] (please report this to the plugin author)

The pdf is downloaded but is blank and none of the text is displayed. If i turn off the Parse BBcode, it then works.

Is this a known issue and is there a fix around it?

Hi All, basic question - is there any way to create a 1,2,3…etc index as the first column of a table to itemise each row. The table is being created based on a RG, but printing a cell’s index does not seem to be possible.


Hi all,

any way for a multi-page pdf to have a different background image, I’m trying as the Structure field but everything comes out on different sheets messy.

Hello everyone interested in the solution of the [email protected][native code] [email protected] [email protected] Safari bug!

I made an investigation on it and found out that the problem is that Apple is not conforming to web standards, it is a bug in their web engine that is open since 2018, so a piece of the code used by this plugin breaks in Safari.

Maybe one day Apple will fix it, but well, it has been some time now.

Something you can try is to use the server side plugin actions to create the PDF, since they run in the backend they use another environment and it is expected to work in the backend.

If you really want to run it in the frontend for whatever reason, then you can sponsor another investigation on this that will tinker with it to build a solution to work around this Safari issue.

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Hey @vini_brito thanks for the clarification. I assumed it was something on safari’s end as the plug-in works on chrome.

Can you guide us to some instructions on how to run this on the sever side instead of the front end.

Do we have to create the workflow using the plugin actions instead of the element actions?

Yes! To spot the difference, the client side (browser) actions are suffixed with “a PDF Model”, the server side ones are not.

You can find more detailed instructions here: Training material - Unlimited Bubbling

Hi @vini_brito,

Thanks a lot for this plugin : my project won’t be possible without it.

I just have an issue with advanced table : I use it to add borders to my headers (letting the body part in “Add column to advanced table” empty) : it’s working and I get good visual results ! However, I can’t deploy my app because of the body part being empty, here is a screenshot of the error I have from bubble :

Do you think it is possible to make this parameter not compulsory ? Or do you see any alternative to do what I want ?

Thanks a lot !

@sri.abad Try passing an empty list in there :wink: see what happens.

I just wanted to update this community as well, since @vini_brito 's PDF Conjurer and my PDF Merger are very closely related (I’ve even had the pleasure of working with him on some small stuff!):
Following the release of PDF Conjurer’s backend functionality, a major request I recieved was to update PDF Merger to do the same. Luckily… PDF Merger now supports backend/server-side merging (v3.0.0) so you can use PDF Conjurer to create PDFs and (now) PDF Merger to do backend processing/merging!!


How does the load font action work? I tried uploading the TTF files to bubble and putting the links in the load font action but not working.