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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Hi Brito. Thank you for the great plugin. I was wondering, if it’s already possible to render images inside a table. Facing this issue right now :frowning:

hey mate, having the same issue now. Did you figure out a way around this?


I’m getting this error on ipad and iphone when using the create text on a pdf model from chrome. It’s stopping the workflow or generating the pdf without the text after this happens.


The plugin would be responsible for a bug when you activate the experimental function that allows you to generate the CSS file from the server.

Explanation : After enabling this test feature, my app started freezing.
I made a request to Bubble and it comes from your plugin.
I wanted to let you know and see if you had the same problem by activating this feature.
I can send you a video of this if you give me your email address.

I also take this opportunity to thank you because your plugin is very useful to me.

Cordialy Antoine.

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Hey everyone, again for the iPhone and iPad error, it is Apple’s fault :sweat_smile: they don’t implement something that is a standard today. If they ever fix it, the error will be gone.
Meanwhile, for iSomething users that are using Safari you can either tell them to use Chrome or Firefox or you can use a server side workflow, thus running in the backend and not in the browser.

@vincent.l.arena @cedrikpendji @stuart.leo

And @antoinechiro, if you have the time to spare, do file a bug report here please, but with more details as just from this I cannot understand what it is, there is no CSS involved with this plugin at all, so I imagine you meant PDF

And thank you for the kind words! :blush:

Hello friends.
I made a simple routine where the user will register the trips and the expenses of these trips taking pictures of the invoices.
At the end of the trip, a report will be taken with the values ​​of the trips and the total. This I have already achieved, but the problem is that below this table of values ​​I have to also issue the images of the invoices (only the image of the repeater group) and I am not getting it with the conjurer. I managed to emit only once that only repeated the first image.
Please, can you help me?

Same problem here!
Did you find a solution?

Unfortunately not!

I haven’t had a chance to try’s suggestion yet, so maybe have a look:

The error is happening in Chrome for Apple as well, not only in Safary(image).

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Hi guy’s,

It’s my first time here.
I be to create an invoice & quote PDF generator before monday. (Deadline is deadline, not true ?!"

So, I have a question, after having test “Invoice & Quote Generator”, I’ve a question on “PDF Conjurer” using. Someone have tips to create the thing what I want to create ?

Thank’s !

(I’m young french guy, I hope you will understand me.)

Please Add RTL Support :pray: :pray:

Yeah I can look into it as a paid work, this plugin doesn’t have an official roadmap, so if you or someone else can sponsor the new feature then it will happen eventually :blush:

How can I show columns with numbers in table in the right side?

How did you manage to put values in the right side of the column.?

Hey @vini_brito :wave:

As everyone else has been mentioning above…It seems there is a bug when using your pdf conjurer on an iPhone. I think it has something to do with the parsing BBCode option. Or it might be because I have an email in the text. Not sure. In Chrome on my Mac it works perfect. The same exact page on my iPhone gives me this error.

Is there something I need to change for this to work on desktop and mobile?

Also, I tried just using the backend workflows to make the PDF instead, but it takes so long to run the pdf conjurer step that I hope there is a better solution. Is it just me that it takes a long time on the backend? Just because it’s a complicated single page pdf? It’s just weird because it’s instant on the front end but could take up to two minutes when done on the backend. Not sure why. :man_shrugging:t2:

Do I need to revert to an older version for it to work?

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For everyone experiencing this bug when using safari on mobile devices: this is an Apple problem, not a @vini_brito problem or a problem with his code.
I get most Bubble users are not familiar with the “under the hood” of a web browser, but the quick answer is that each Company who produces a web browser gets to decide which code to adopt and build into their finished product. Software developers, such as @vini_brito and myself, then get the lovely job of writing code that will support as many browsers as possible. However, sometimes we need to use a tool that is built in to most browsers, but with minimal exceptions. In this case, Apple has refused/failed to adopt a standard tool into their browser (i.e., the RegExp error everyone is getting on mobile). While Bubble is technically no-code, most plugins require code (which is why many people build apps, but very few write plugins, because plugins usually require more advanced experience).

You can see the poor coverage by Apple here: "reg" | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

I totally understand the frustration. I deal with it on a daily basis. As software developers, we have two choices to deal with these issues where one company (i.e., Apple) refuses to adopt industry best-practices and standards: (1) write in intricate ‘checks’ in our code to see if the features we need are supported, and develop and implement work-arounds if not, or (2) spend the time we would have wasted building those ‘checks’ on more useful tasks. Given that this plugin is open-source (free), @vini_brito has wisely chosen to create a product that works well at all-expenses and no-profit to himself, just for the good of the internet.

If/when Apple updates Safari to include these components, the bug will magically disappear. I know the error says to “please report this to the plugin author,” but anytime a plugin for Bubble works fine on most devices but fails in a very limited environment (consider the number of laptop/desktop users who will never encounter this compared to smart-phone), this is a problem with the environment, not the end-user. I welcome anyone to fire up Internet Explorer and try to use the internet; things are awful not because the code is bad, but because the environment/browser is bad.

TLDR; If you want perfect coverage to work on all devices, you need to use the new backend workflows. Those work guaranteed on any device, browser, etc., because the code is technically running on a Bubble server, not in a user’s browser.


If I could “heart” it 10 times I would :relieved:
I am adding some explanation to the “Parse bbcode” below-field instructions to see if it will reduce the amount of messages about this error.


Yes. I just tested it and it worked! No error! Woohoo :raised_hands:

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Oi vini!
Você sabe como consigo configurar o tamanho de cada coluna dentro de uma multicolumn?
Ex: em uma linha do meu documento há 4 colunas. O primeiro item fica na esquerda, enquanto todos os outros devem ficar na direita, sem espaçamento.
Essa multicolumn está em uma repeating structure e o problema é que todas as colunas ficam dividdas igualmente ao longo da linha. Já tentei o fit content e o fit available space e nada.
Sabe como resolvo isso?

So by disabling parse BB-Code, that should fix the error for Safari? Meaning I can keep the client-side workflows? :slightly_smiling_face:

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