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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Yes, that’s it :blush:

Phenomenal! :innocent:

Hello! This is the first issue of the PDF Conjurer maintenance newsletter, so, hello world! :earth_americas:
This newsletter is also sent directly to sponsors email’s.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor then message me.

Maintenance is needed to keep software working. And in case it is not done, the software suddenly stops functioning.

As there are lots of apps that depend on PDF Conjurer to function daily I launched the maintenance subscription service.
In short, if you want it to continue to work, then fund its maintenance.

Not much is needed.

On one hand, PDF Conjurer is nearing 13k installs, likely this month this mark will be achieved!
It is the top PDF plugin out there, and if you type “PDF”, then this is the one that shows up first. Not what I expected when I first created this plugin!

Now, on the maintenance news itself:

Current number of subscribers funding the maintenance: 1.
Current amount of monthly hours of work: 1.

Previous work done: Search the most urgent work to be done and list it, get the internal mailing done.

Next work planned: Test the server side version of the plugin on a more recent server environment, since the one being used by Bubble now will be deprecated by December 2022 and this will prevent the backend workflow actions to function properly.

Also, look into upgrading the plugin to its latest library version, a library is the engine that runs inside the plugin, to avoid future emergency work due to deprecation of components.


Hey guys!
I would like to customize the space o a multicolumn inside a reapeating structure. I´ve tried the option ‘fit content’ and the option ‘fit available space’ but it does not work.

I have four information inside 1 line. One have to be aligned at the left and the other three at the right.

How can I do this? Thaks in advance!

Hey @vini_brito quick question, is there a way to show text in a pdf like this: “I just want this word to be bold” (a partial part of the text to be bold). I have tried to write the text in the editor using the [b] label but the word doesn’t go bold, it just shows the label (like in the image).

@raketenstart Yeah check “Parse BBCode”.


This plugin has been really helpful so thank you. I just have a question about the position of text on the pdf. I am aware that margins can be used to position the text around the pdf page (from the start point at the top left of the page), but is it possible to fix the coordinates of text on the pdf . This is because at the moment the margins act from other elements rather than the pdf page itself. Is there a way therefore to either fix text position to a certain coordinate on the PDF or is it possible for the margins of the text to ignore other elements on the page. I hope that makes sense.

Many thanks, Samuel

I’m hoping someone might be able to guide me in the right direction as I’m struggling with creating a pdf from the server side. I can create a pdf from the client side but it’s a little slow and I need to use the server side to improve the UX.
I’ve tried following the guide and looked at the different examples but I’m not having any luck.
I’ve stripped out all the dynamic content and should only be creating a PDF with the header & footer, but I can’t even create that.