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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Update on my previous comment. I noticed that this error was happening when I had multiple texts with BBCode, I guess having the BBCode=yes runs a function that is stacking. I removed all of those BBCodes and stick to styles.

Now my problem is how I add something like this:
Date of birth: 11.23.94” – The first text in bold and second regular without using BBcode? I used fit-content for texts but it didn’t do the trick, any thoughts? Thanks!!

Could you explain how you did this in greater detail? ty!

Make sure the PDF upload workflow is a public endpoint. If its not public it won’t work.

Hi @vini_brito

I am having a problem with privacy settings.

After the PDF is conjured the ‘Finished uploading and is available in element state’ is called and within this I ‘make a new thing’ where I save the the PDF file. However when trying to open the link I get the following error response.

The problem is related to privacy of the PDF. Is there a solution to this.

Many thanks in advance,

Would be great to see. It would increase the value of the overall extension a lot for my use case.

Is there any best practice on how to avoid page breaks? Right now, headlines and beginning of texts are sometimes put on different pages…


Hi there, great plugin. Couple of questions:

Parsing BBCode
I am using the client side conjurer and I noticed that when I have a repeating structure BBCode parsing is not working. Is there something to do about it? I am using BBCode for bold text and BBcode for a table structure. Outside repeating structure Bbcode (bold text) is working for table structure is not rendered as a table at all. Is this even possible?

Option list option
How to render option list display value?

Look forward to gather some insights on this. Thanks in advance

Oi @vini_brito tudo bem?
Estou usando o PDF Conjurer na versão 1.6.1 só que eu preciso personalizar o tamanho da folha e só aparece A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 …, poderia por favor me ajudar e me instruir como faço para por exemplo para usar um tamanho personalizado de página?

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Oi Vini, como vai?
Tenho um grupo repetidor com várias informações e gostaria de criar um QR Code no PDF conjurer, é possivel?

Hi. Is there any method just to generate pdf from current page?

Hi, Is it possible to include charts from the ChartJS plugin in a pdf ?

I can’t understand, how “insert dynamic image on pdf model” is working…
I could add text and columns to pdf, but I couldn’t insert an image…
I did everything accordingly documentation and examples.
Could you explain 1 more time, please?