PDF not Rendering Well - CraftMyPDF Plugin

I just signed up to use CraftMyPDF plugin to generate PDFs on my Bubble app. I am using the feature where you upload your own PDF template from a PDF file.

I am able to do everything right except generate the final PDF. I noticed that the uploaded template doesn’t render and that’s a huge problem since it’s the main background for the final PDF (I have done this for 2 different PDF templates).

Here is a Loom recording to demonstrate my issues:

Has anyone experienced this and have a solution to it? It’s either I am not doing something right or the PDF generator isn’t working as expected.

Update: Apparently the documents I uploaded to the service was encrypted. CarftMyPDF support gave me an instant resolution to this.

You can decrypt your pdfs with this service before uploading to CraftMyPDF: Unlock PDF files. Remove PDF password