PDF Report Output, Best Choice of tool


Just looking for advice on the best engine or plugin to produce beautiful PDF output.

I will be producing an 8 or 9 page report with pretty static text, but it will have 15 variable paragraphs laid out at fixed points on the page, along with some Results in the form of Dials and Progression Bars. But the pages themselves will be pretty static in design, rather than the possibility of text flowing over page breaks etc

been doing reports in various forms for 20 years and often had issues with page cutoffs (filemaker!!) and the like.

Just wondering what people recommend to get a good output for this type of report.

I was thinking of a fixed layout and using the Zerocode PDF plugin?
(Bubble Page to PDF converter)

But would appreciate anyones experiences, as I know you can waste a lot of time with this type of development and then have to change tack!!!

Thanks in advance.


I am using PDF Monkey. I am really happy about it, it’s fairly priced or even for free if you have not too many pdfs to generate and it’s always up and running. You can even choose between creating the design completely yourself with HTML, CSS and JS or with a drag and drop editor. Webhooks, Dashboard…

I can recommend it.