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PDF & Screenshot Pro - saving to DB?

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? I want a button to screenshot page, create PDF and save that PDF to DB.

I check ‘Save to Bubble’

My Invoice Datatype has a ‘PDF’ field where I want to store the invoice’s PDFs.

And I ‘think’ I am saving it correctly but nothing is going to the DB?

try saving the in same workflow.

use result of maybe might work

I can’t, the ‘PDF/IMG A Page Saved’ function is an event and is not available in a normal workflow so it has to be seperate.

Wait … it is saving to my File Manager, but how do I get it into the DB ‘PDF’ field?!

Hey did you find a solution for this problem?

No I didn’t :frowning: I just allow the user to download the PDF but don’t see any way to save it to the DB.

You are saving it correctly. For me it first didn’t work. Then I thought it works because it’s filling the field. But it’s the wrong file…

@renatoasse May you help, please?

Just check the “Save to Bubble” field, and use the Saved event to create a new thing in your database:

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That’s what I did. Sometimes it saves, sometimes not. And when it saves it most of the times saves the file file that was created before…

Can you share the editor link?

Can you share the editor link?

@flyhigh I also struggled with this one. My solution

  1. The save event only triggers after it has has successfully saved (as described in the saved documentation (checkbox) )
  2. Create another workflow to deal with the “save” event and set it up based on the type of pdf generation you setup. (page, element, image). In my case it was element

Basically you got two workflows. One that generates the PDF and another that triggers automatically after the save.

Hope that helps

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Thank you so much @donovanmat.76 – with your screenshots it made it clear to me. I had it as a workflow step and that didn’t work. With an extra workflow it’s fine now. Spent hours with this yesterday. So really thank you.

Also thank you @renatoasse for the plugin and willing to take the time to have a look.

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