PDF viewer in popup. Data source Dropdowns value.?

Hi all,

I’ve found a couple of ways to accomplish this, yet neither seem to display or respond to the changed value of the dropdown.

  1. When Dropdowns value changes, Show popup A.

    I’ve tried: Send data to the popup and have the PDF view’s data source be the popup
    I’ve tried: Have the PDF viewer’s data source be the Dropdown’s value.
    I’ve even tried sneaking in a ‘reset-data’ action to see if that would trigger something?

Seems like a simple thing to do? Am I doing it wrong? Or is there something else going on?

What type of plugin are you using?
How is the setup of the dB?
How is the popup setup?
… as much info as you can include would help

Good questions,

I’m using the Mozilla plugin.
I’ve created a Data type that has field’s that are lists of files.
The popup, containing the PDF viewer, is being launched from a GroupFocus.

I’ve plugged the dropdown with two test files, and been successful in grabbing these files - independently. Again, the problem is that it will not transition between these files.

Is there a preferred or, standard, method for doing this?

Side note, the popup becomes visible, behind, the GroupFocus it being launched from. Once I click on the popup the GroupFocus disappears.

This is a problem as well. But one I that I could live with, for now.

Turns out bubble’s PDF Embed element responds to the change in value. That’s un-nerving because the reason I tried the Mozilla plugin is because bubble’s element stopped working… I’ve only been using bubble for a few months now. But I never seem to know what’s going to work or not. And things that did work, suddenly and inexplicably to stop working? I love this program, don’t get me wrong. But it hard to build confidence.

Plugins depend on the Authors updating them with changes that Bubble makes … and with other tech in general.

Bubble itself evolves and sometimes they break existing functionality that needs updating.

In my case, I take comfort that few other options exist out there with the overall value proposition that Bubble brings to the table. I cannot think of a single one for Indie development that can top Bubble as a matter of fact.

I hear you. And I’m in the boat. bubble has been a game changer for me. And I’m really hoping they can continue to build on their success. Question for you. I’m using a MAC and Safari. Would Firefox or Chrome be a better browser to use? I’m finding, recently, that I need to ‘force quit’ Safari as I try to retrieve those pdf’s I’ve been talking about.

I use Chrome. The inspection tool, the extensions options … and it works great with Bubble.

Probably … too many extensions :grimacing:

Ok, great. I’ll check it out. Have a great weekend.

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Hello again,

Question for you. Is there a way to launch a PDF directly to my/user’s previewer?

As it is, now, the a user needs to click on the embed pdf and click the button that launches it to their pc/Mac resident preview. I’d like to skip the step.

Explore preview PDF plugins

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