PDF with zerocode y attached with Sendgrill

Hello, @edwinbolanosb. Thanks for reaching out.

I can suggest the idea of how to set up your Convert to PDF action, so your pages won’t be cut at the improper place. It should work also with the dynamic items if the plugin/page/action set up will be made accurately and fitting the page parameters.

Also, we have made a great plugin update and added a new plugin element (ConvertortoPDFv2.0 A) that can be a bit handier for setting up. This new element is available only via the latest plugin version.

To see how this new element can be used, you can visit my test page (there you can find the example of converting the landscape page orientation and popup portrait):

Also, if you provide me with the details on the setup of your page (what exact dynamic items group/repeating group, size of these elements) and plugin action (full screenshot of your convert to PDF action parameters), I will be able to provide you with more detailed suggestions.

You can use the ConverttoPDF A’s Output file URL’s URL value.
Firstly, you should activate the “Upload PDF to bubble AWS” checkbox within the Convert to PDF action.
Secondly, you need to add an action Create a new thing and save into your database the ConverttoPDF A’s Output file URL’s URL value.
Then, you can send this URL as a dynamic value via the Sendgrill.

A bit more details on how to save the PDF file URL you can find here:

Zeroqode Team