[PENDING] Free | Tailwind UI | Nav & Header

Hello guys. I’ve been working more on some design ideas, and I really liked the design and flow of the Tailwind CSS navbar.

I have fully replicated it

  • EDIT: Not sure if it’s my own browsers or what, but when I view in “responsive mode” it seems to stretch the whole width. If this is an issue for others, please let me know. I may have to adjust the properties.


The template will be free to use, with possibility of advanced futures via custom ordered, or premium variants. Right now the template is being review before release, just wanted some input and to see if people would like me to build more!


@gaimed @design.agx @jameore


Looks nice!
Have you thought about opening a profile in https://atomicfusion.io

It would be great if you plan to create more UI elements and let people to copy into their apps!

You can check mine here :slight_smile:

Is that something I’d get paid for, or am I just supplying content for free?

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You are supplying content for free but if you were planning to give the template for free, why not to also put it there?

You can then redirect the users to your templates or website or wherever you will be announcing the premium services.

It’s just another way to have more traffic from different sources instead of just the bubble market place

Another great project for templates is https://withlaunchkit.com/ for promoting your bubble templates.

Just want to know how the system works.

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I’ve uploaded the code to Atomic Fusion, because it’s taking too long for Bubble Approval for the template.

Any chance we could have access to the link to the editor so we can see how you built it?


Thanks for that. I built something similar for my app so just seeing how you did it.