People ask me of my bubble app is crm friendly?

People ask me of my real estate listing app of Bubble is crm friendly? They want to place a listing at the same time in several listing sites. What can I do to make it crm friendly? How does it work?

I think they want to know if you can send data to a crm.

Data can be sent from Bubble to other apps (that can receive web data via a REST api) easily using a plugin called the api connector.

Most CRMs can receive web data. Make sure that the one you are talking to does.


Hi cmarchan,
They want to push on 1 button and place 1 listing in several real estate listingswebsites. I just have to install the plugin? How do they pay in stribe? Is everything automaticly then? How does it works? Does the crm software automaticly go towards the button to place a listing and to the button for paying?


Explore how connecting apps work via api calls and how to set up stripe payments (I think that is what you meant).

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Do you have a tutorial or demonstration video?

These could be relevant:

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