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🚀 [Performance] Auto populate a field B from field A´s value in the database


I was wondering if it would be possible to have a realtime auto-populate of a field based on another field´s value. Let me explain:

I want to provide an auto-populate input based on the list of companies VAT ID. So for example, if a user enters in the input A a VAT ID that is on the companies database, I want the field B to be auto-populated with the company address.

I´ve tried it doing a “do a search for” but it takes a while so if the user hits the tab, then it won´t be auto-populated.

Does anyone know how to do this? Or if it´s possible?

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day.

I´ve seen there are some workarounds like putting a button or something like that but the good one it would be to have a real time auto populate.

If you have a screenshot it might help us?

My thought would be doing the search early (maybe on page load). Then do a compare based on that?

It’s not perfect, but without more info, it’s the best I have.

Hope it helps.

Hello @troy.roberge,

Thanks for your reply man.

I´m attaching a video and two screenshots so you can see. I have two inputs that are the same but one does a “do a search for” directly to the database and the other one does search via filter to a Repeating Group.

It has the same delay and the problem is when you use the TAB the field does not get auto populated.

Do a search for screenshot:

RG filter screenshot:

A video so you can see it:

Thanks a lot for your help.


Maybe option sets will be so much faster?

I´ve not tried those yet.