Performance: Is ":count" a big capacity user for anyone else?

Every now and then I go digging in the logs - And after a particular heavy day of usage from myself and from my users, I’ve found a lot of my search capacity is on supposedly performant “:count” functions.

I’ve read forum posts where :count is supposedly very optimized - However, I’m not so sure I should be using it as much after seeing that 40%+ (shown in the images below - Note that many of the other slices are :count as well) is being eaten up by simple :count calls…

Anybody else see high %'s of capacity on “:count”?

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Are you sure that isn’t the “Search for ticketss” part that is taking resources? :thinking:

Very possible - That’s my guess… I thought I read somewhere in the forum that the “:count” part is supposed to only do a quick count instead of grabbing all of the content of that search - So even if “Search for ticketss” had a ton of content, the “:count” was special in that it disregarded the content of the search - Thus making it more “performant”? :expressionless: I don’t know.

I may be wrong, but from what I understand of :function, they are done after fetching data. When you do :filtering instead of using filter on the search action, Bubble fetch all the search and do the filtering after instead of filtering the search when you do it in parameters. So I think it’s the same thing for count. And Another reason why I think that it’s work this way: look a debug_mode, il you select the search part before action, you will see items fetched with informations, not just the number of count (that you will see when you will select :count)