Performance issues between dev and live versions for Hobby plan?

I’m VERY new to Bubble, thought I’d try to make a quick little game my extended family could play while we’re all stuck in our various homes. It’s very simple, small, low users (10), low data (50 records). Everything works fine in development, but when I go live, weird things happen. The first thing the user does is enter a user name and a room name, then clicks a button to Create or Join the room. There’s nothing else on this page. When they’re joining a room, the first step in the workflow is to create a Player record with the user name and the room name from the input fields, the Current User’s unique id, and a Player number which is Search for Player:count +1. But the Player record gets created with blanks in the user name and the unique id. It works fine in development, so I doubt it’s my logic, but I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure out why it’s not working in the live environment. Is it a performance issue thing? Any ideas?

Did you push your database from dev to live? Any chance you have privacy setting issues?

Yes, I’ve copied the dev database to live multiple times to clear out the corrupted data. I don’t know anything about privacy settings - I didn’t explicitly set anything, so I would have whatever the default is.

I’m busy for most of today while the gf gives birth, but later i might have some time. If you would like to make a copy of your app and set the settings to allow edit(or just view), me or the community can help you. You would just need to send me the link, or post the link here for any to review.

We are a helpful bunch :wink:

Thanks! Here’s the link, I think Diamond Poetry Game. As I said, it works fine in development, and I also tried it live late last night and early this morning and it worked fine, which is why I think it must be something to do with performance. The times it’s been bad were around 5-8 Pacific time. So it might be tricky to diagnose, but maybe you could look at my code to see if I’m doing things that would take a long time, or help me figure out how to put pauses in or check whether things are “ready” before they get written to the database.

The concept of the game is that you’re writing a collaborative poem - it’s a pen-and-paper game my family plays. Say you have 7 players. Each person writes one word and passes to the next person. That person writes 2 words and passes it on. The third person can only see what the second person wrote and they write 3 words. The fourth person can only see what the third person wrote and writes 4 words. Then you start decreasing till you’re back to one word per line, ending up with a 7 line “poem” that has a diamond shape. Each originator then reads their poem to the group.

I appreciate the offer of help, although if your gf is giving birth today you might be busy for the next 18 years or so. . . Hope everything goes well!

I’ll look at this ASAP. Likely in a couple of hours. Gf just have birth this morning :wink:

what’s this about a baby on the way? You can’t just casually sneak that into a forum reply! It’s awesome news. Hope it all goes well - and congrats mate!

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