Performance issues Database - too many items loaded

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I am having an online app regarding leisure activities, where I have a big amount of providers in the backend, who create their own activities and offer those via my platform. In order to achieve this, I am making heavy use (naturally) of the database. Fortunately now, this has caught quite some interest. Unfortunately though… the interest causes the database heavily to go to its knees, and it already takes forever now to load all the different page elements (though the page itself is quite optimized for speed).
Does anybode have any experience / tricks, how the db load speed for pages can be optimized. Already tried pagination… but unfortunately this failed bitterly (so I did not even deploy).
You can see the page on the following link:


Have you gone through this thread already? Performance Q&A guide

Also, what plan are you on? Are you monitoring usage? Do you have additional server capacity units enabled?

As for database speed, especially with large lists the more constraints you can apply when you make ‘do search for’ requests, the faster the data will be served but that is all in the perfomance thread too.

it’s hard to give straightforward tips without seeing the app and structure. I can say, however, that your site seems to be down :frowning:

Thanks Vincent. I will check out the link. Just checked the page, but is up and running. Maybe that was just a temporary state of Bubble.

I am on the professional plan, where I have only 2 server units enabled… but I was enabling additional server units temporarily, and it did not have an effect unfortunately.

We will now give the pagination another try… let’s hope if this works. As my tool is pretty much at the beginning, I won’t be able to scale the server performance in the future with 1000+ offers, if we already crash on a base of 50 offers… :frowning:

Not sure because we can’t see the editor, but it seems that your main repeating group’s Layout style is set to Full list. If so, you could give a try to ext. vertical scrolling (for instance: 4 rows) instead. That way I think it only loads the first 4 items before the user scrolls further down.



Hi Lucien,

perfect! Thanks a lot! I will give it a try straight away.

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I just implemented your advice, and I really owe you! I can really see a tremendous effect already… as my page has started to work normally again.


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A parte de hacer lo que te han comentado, prueba de añadir un botón de mostrar más ya que resulta algo irritante el hecho de que intentes bajar al footer y la página siga expandiéndose hacia arriba y el footer siga bajando. :joy:

Gracias. Buena idea :slight_smile: A lo mejor lo pongo arriba del newsletter

Hi Chris, @cametsbichler

Great App! I have a similar app to yours where businesses upload their data and users can then view this data through an ext vertical scrolling repeating group. However, a problem I have encountered and I see your app does the same thing is that if you want to scroll down to the footer of the page, the repeating group will continue loading until it is done. This is fine when there are just a few cells to be loaded but can get irritating if there are 1000s of cells to load. The footer is a vital part of my app as that is where all the details are for businesses to add their data to the app. I also don’t want to use pagination as I feel clicking next on a RG leads to a poor UX.

If you or @Lucien have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi @leonidas.petrou4 , what about a FloatingGroup attached to the bottom of the page?

That can work, however my footer is quite high at about 320px. And the information on the footer is not really relevant to users (majority of people using the app) and more relevant to businesses (minority of people using the app) so it is not necessary to be visible all the time.

I decided to just put a menu button in the header that when clicked it initiates an element action to scroll to the footer element on the page. Not ideal, but its the best I can come up with.

Hi Leonidas. Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, you are right, and I have the same issue as I also have a provider login button at the footer. But anyway with my providers I made the experience that most of them would not even find the provider button on the footer (as most don’t look into this area). From my point of view the only thing that helps is what you have done already.
What I have in my backlog though is to integrate a spinner at the footer of the page to indicate to users if there are still elements the page has not loaded yet (based on a calculation of total items to show)

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@leonidas.petrou4, what if you use “vertical scrolling” for the layout style, without using the full width of the page? That way you both have a list that doesn’t load all items on page loads (but only when visible to the user) and people can still scroll to the bottom of the page quickly if they scroll on the side, outside of that RepeatingGroup. Would that work for you?

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