Performance Issues

Hello Bubblers, I am facing big performance issues (more than 10 sec to display) when I perform a search in a repeated list that look for fields in objects that are linked to the object displayed in the list (using filtered) Do you have any ideas ? I can’t really factorized the linked fields in the main object otherwise I’ll have repeated data. Should I add capacity units ?

Hey @julesha,

I actually experience this problem not too long ago, maybe about 6 months ago. The thing that fixed it for me was not using :filtered constantly, and not displaying repeating groups in a full list. Another tip I’ll share is for you to check out your logs, to see what is using the most amount of capacity, whether that is because you’re doing too many searches, page elements, etc. You can view all that info in the logs section of your editor.

Hi Johnny thanks for your quick reply, agree for the :filtered but I need the “Advanced” feature and don’t know how to do this kind of search with only the “Search For”. I’ll check the logs. I never display Full list but “Vertical Scrolling” is it ok ?

Do you have any constraints when you are doing the Search For…?

Yes only one constraint, if I can I factorize the constraint in the search for, for the rest I use Advanced in filtered, in my example I have : 1 constraint in search for and 4 constraints in Advanced filtered

Can you message me with a link to the editor? I’ll have a look at it. You can also set up a demo app if you feel more comfortable with that.

My suggestion would be to use relational data and avoid the searches if its a new app.

Thanks for your answer, I’ve found a solution by storing an intermediate list of items in a custom state that allows me to remove 1 level of link in my advanced filters.

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