Performance msearch and mget

Dear all,

please I need help with my case and performance (it’s only test case for another cases):

When I reloaded the page I see in repeating group first data from msearch (customer) and than data from mget (company). This is very user unfriendly.

It’s some way to resolve it?

I think adding company_name to customer collection is not the best way :slight_smile: because I would have to create the trigger when the company name in collection company is changed update in customer collection.

Thank you so much


Please anyone with idea?

Yeah, that’s not a good idea in the case if the system should update many records. It would be an issue if you’ll need to update, for instance, 200 records at once.

That happens since the Company field is the thing type (non-nested object). So, the system makes an additional request for getting data about these items.

As a suggestion, you can add a friendly loading element.
If that doesn’t suit you, another suggestion is to use an external data source that you can configure via the API connector or the SQL one. (But this one takes more time to configure)

Maybe someone can provide a better solution. :thinking: