Performance optimisation for wrapped app


I have built a recruitment app and I am preparing to have it wrapped and made available on app store and google play.

Currently users can have 1 of 2 profiles, recruiter or job seeker. Each profile has access to a different page in the app.

To have the app wrapped my understanding is everything must be on a single page?

Is it best to use 2 reuseable elements that are called dependent on user’s profile, or just build everything in to a single page and use conditions to show/hide as necessary?


You can have two pages. Best approach is to have it on one page indeed.

If you have 2 distinctly different kinds of users (and effectively accessing “different” apps) then I would recommend having 2 different pages and directing them to the appropriate one for their profile. The reason SPA is recommended is because it is able to preload as much as possible on app-load, minimizing loading time while navigating. But if there’s not going to be any or little navigation between the features of each profile, might as well make those payloads smaller by separating them.