Performance question - page load = whole app?

Many SPA as the app grows, the load time slows unless code-splitting/lazy-loading etc. is implemented.

I’ve noticed as our side project app has grown (admin pages, etc.) the publicly facing page which we want to keep lightning fast (noting we have very little on this page) appears to be slower as we continue to build out the rest of the app functionality.

Does Bubble perform in any way or should we expect as the app becomes larger, the load time even for very thin pages will increase?

Devil is usually in the details (and in the exact implementation), but yes, naturally - there bigger your dataset is and the more “stuff” your app does (more users, more pages, more actions, etc) - the more resources it uses.

Here’s a great high level reference from Bubble on this topic:

However, it’s all about the implementation really. There has been a countless amount of performance-related discussions on this forum, and it almost always boild down to how you structure your data and how you query it.

Here’s a great example of a tanle with mutiple millions of records being queried fast being lightweight enough:

Hope this helps :+1:

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