Performance warnings...are they accurate?

I am getting a performance warning about images downloading taking over 30 seconds on a page

Normally I would assume this is accurate information and I should pay attention to it and figure a way to resolve it…however, recently I was told by bubble that they are changing the way errors are reported and that if a reported error was not causing malfunctions in my app to just disregard them; that is fine.

Another thing that confuses me, is that the only images on the page where this error appears is on a page that has only SVGs with file sizes that are tiny

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 5.18.03 PM

The page is a form, and it does have a decent number of image elements, but each file size is tiny and I’d assume, and definitely hope, that they as an aggregate wouldn’t actually slow down my app.

Has anybody else been seeing this type of error message and found it to be misleading?

Hi @boston85719

Check the download of your page in Chrome debug-performance. What are the results? Is there a delay of 30 seconds?

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I would like to try to use the Chrome debug-performance, but the error message is not consistent…sometimes when the page loads I get the error message in the debugger console from bubble, and other times I don’t. I wish it was consistent one way or the other so that I could trust the bubble debugger and know if I have an issue or not.


Loading time reports are accurate within the debugger console. Do keep in mind that, on the main cluster, load times may vary based on overall traffic to Bubble applications (if you do not have any reserved capacity, that may also affect load times) so you may be getting the warning at some times but not others.

If something’s not behaving as expected, do submit a bug report!