Performing actions without signing up

Hi Everyone,
Need help in this condition in my app User will only be able to use my app features 5 times without signing up. after that popup will show up and the user wont have access to use app features again without singing up is it possible to do that with bubble.

Thanks & Regards

My guess it’s a “yes, kinda”, type of answer.

I’m not sure, but allow me to think out loud.

Unless you turn it off, Bubble automatically sets a cookie on the user’s browser (manual). This would be the “yes” part of my guess. So - even if the user is not logged in or has an account - you can ‘tag’ that user.

The questions are:

  • how long are those records preserved?
  • what happens when the user wipes the browser’s cookies or uses another browser on the same machine?
  • what about using incognito mode?

Anyway, there are probably smart people here who can chime in with their experience.

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