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Periods in API Workflow Keys

Hi Bubble Community!

I’m Leon, a software engineer intern, and am excited to announce the launch of a new mini-feature that has been highly requested since our release of GET Requests for API Workflows - allowing periods in API workflow keys. Previously, key names did not allow periods, which blocked users from various external API connections. Now, you are able to enter whichever API workflow keys you would like!

This new feature is accessible in the experimental features panel. When enabling this feature, you may need to re-enter any keys containing a “^{xx}” sequence, where the x’s may represent any character. If you would like to disable this feature after enabling it, you would need to re-enter a new key name for all keys with periods.

We hope this unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for your app, and that you’re as excited about periods in API keys as we are! Happy Bubbling :grin:


Great work, Leon!


Welcome to the Bubble team - I don’t have a use for this myself, but always nice to hear that the many quirks and constraints in Bubble are being ironed out.

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Great work @leon.maksin !
For anyone wondering use cases, this opens up the possibility to use API’s like Whatsapp who require periods inside of the parameters: hub.mode

Great job on expanding who we can connect to bubble team!



Hi all, this feature was just released from the experimental features panel and is now active in all of your apps!

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