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Permanent verification of a data

Hello everyone,

I added to my app an input where users insert the expiration date of a document. I would like my app to check weekly (or permanently) these expiration dates and warn users when the expiration date is near or reached.

Hi there, @racimziani… you haven’t defined what “warn” or “near” mean, but one way you could go is to schedule a backend workflow when the expiration date of a document is first defined. So, when a user enters the expiration date and the date is saved to the database, schedule a backend workflow to run at some point in the future (whatever “near” means in relation to the expiration date), and add an action to the workflow to “warn” (again, whatever that means) users that the document’s expiration date is approaching.

Hope this helps.


Forget the terms warn and near, I would like the app to be constantly checking if the document has expired or not. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s possible, but I wouldn’t do it that way. I would do it the way I described because it seems unnecessary for the app to be constantly checking if documents have expired when you can schedule something to happen when a document actually expires.

In fact I would like my users to receive a first notification “Your document expires in a week” and a second one when the document expires. How can I do this ?

As I said in my initial reply, you can schedule backend workflows, and there are plenty of resources out there that describe/show how to do that.

Thank you but if you can guide me to a tutorial ? because everything I find does not correspond at all to what you and I are talking about.

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