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Permission for camera

Hi there,
I’ve submitted an app to the App Store and they’ve come back to me saying my app does not ask for permission to use the camera. It just goes straight to it. How do I add that to my app?
Thank you!

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Hey there,

Just add a pop up.

Instead of going to the camera, you should open a popup. Ask your users for permission to access the camera. Then when the user clicks on your “yes” button, take them to your camera, meanwhile you make a note in your database that your user has granted permission so you don’t need to push that permission query again.

easy peasy, lemons squeazy.

happy bubblin!


what steps did you do to access camera? Thanks!

You have to allow it native-wise, so to say directly in xcode.

  1. Open your project in xcode
  2. Click on info.plist on the left folder structure
  3. Right-click anywhere under the list → add row
  4. Paste “NSCameraUsageDescription” in the Key Tab and describe why you would use the camera in the value tab
  5. Archive the project again and send it to app store connect


Now, on first camera usage, apple asks the user if he allow to use camera. You can see this also as a new toggle in the iphone setting in the App Settings.