Personal plan question

Roughly how many users can sign up to my app on personal plan?

Also what is Application editors and Multiple dev. versions means?

Thats a huge variable and depends on how much demand you put on your apps capacity. Technically there isn’t a limit per say on users who can signup to your app as that is essentially a data type entry. But with regards to active users to keep things stable, it really depends on so many factors. Have a look around the forum, there are quite a few posts of use cases and actual server usage, optimizing data types and clean expressions is vital for scalability.

Essentially this works like a branch facility in github where you can work on a separate development version that is separated from the default development aka version-test. Its very useful when you have multiple developers on a app working away, as it wont require you to consistently refresh the page after any change is made and also is helpful for building new features when the site or app is launched e.g. development is used for fixes and bugs and then another new branch e.g. version-new features is used for further developing the core site with new features or complex changes that would cause issues if deployed to live during that period. More information is available in the docs:
It can be complicated to understand, but essentially when you are finished on say a new feature, you can merge the other versions back in to form a singular version ready to deploy again, so the branches are all up to date. With that said the versioning is buggy at the moment, something Bubble is working on as its pretty rough around the edges and can cause errors during a merge/sync operation.
Depending on where your site/app is you might not have to worry about versioning for now…

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