Personal Plan - User Access

Under the personal plan can I have users enter info and secure it with username and password? If so, how many users can I have under the personal plan?

Hi there, @roganricheart… yes, you can do what you described on the personal plan. With regard to how many users you can have on the personal plan, it’s not really about the number of users (there is no hard limit, if that’s what you are asking) as much as it is about what your app does and what the users are doing with it.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike!

One more question. Can the info they save into the database be accessed and exported by me? I need to be able to do work with the info they provide. Then I need to provide them info they will need into their account.

Yes, it can… well, except passwords, of course.

Awesome. This is exactly what I need. Thanks!

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