Petition: Two Server Clusters for paid app stability

Hello All,

I’ll keep this short, and I hope @josh and @bubble consider this suggestion.

Let’s have a server cluster for free users which get all initial refactoring and updates, and a second cluster for all paid users which gets delayed changes and updates. The delayed timeframe could be a day or a week, but it would allow paid apps to have a significantly higher stability rate because the free apps would be the “Sandbox”, and not the paid users which many have critical apps.

I believe this would go far with the community.

Let the comments begin! Good, bad, otherwise? Just keep it constructive!


Would this be different than the scheduled updates on paid plans?

@troy.roberge I really like this idea. It’s basically a shared cluster but with less users then the main shared cluster and it doesn’t take immediate releases. So maybe instead of $1,000 / month for 1 app, it’s $250 / month with 20 apps, the increased price is for greater stability.

This could be an interim solution assuming that Bubble has the ability to put more then one account on a dedicated cluster server. The other problem is that most people here seem to assume they should get all of this for free (probably because they have no background/info on how much it costs to maintain a database/web server). So would there even be enough people who would be willing to pay more for stability?

I’m honestly just thinking anyone on a personal or higher plan is on one cluster, and all free accounts are on the Sandbox cluster that ingests all updates first. If there are issues on the free cluster, it’s likely to be discovered before it hits the paid cluster.

Very simple.


I like the idea but free accounts don’t have access to intermediate/advanced functionality like API, scheduled workflows, recurring workflows etc that the paid plans offer, which is where bugs and downtime can really hurt intermediate/advanced Bubblers.

I don’t believe free users push even 10% of Bubble’s functionality and they are not very likely to log bug reports either. They’d put it down to their lack of understanding and newness to the platform. This is my own experience so I could be wrong here.

However, something like you have proposed could catch issues with more basic features like repeating groups etc… which can be ironed out before paid users are affected.