Phantom row in Repeating Group

This is a continuation from this discussion about how to use Checked Boxes to assign database values, which I have more or less solved, but this seems like a new problem, so I figured deserved a topic of its own.

Problem: When I add a Task to my Repeating Group, I am getting an extra phantom row with no data. This row does not appear in the database table, and if I reload the page the phantom row vanishes.

It specifically only happens when I use the checkboxes as linked above - so that means Option Sets are being used to Add Departments to a List in the Tasks table. So when I am not adding to this List, the row gets added normally.

Anyone seen anything similar with Repeating Groups before involving adding to Lists?

Sorry, but giving this a bump in the hope someone has an idea why a Repeating Group would get phantom rows that disappear after reload.

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