Phone Rotation Issue Help!

Hey Guys,

I have an app that is used for video trainings. Some of these trainings are many hours long. If someone rotates the phone for any reason, the video restarts. I made a video to demonstrate this. This happens with the built in bubble video element and paid plugins as well. I have an iPhone XS Max and this has been seen on iPhone X and iPhone 8. Can anyone help me understand a path through this. I really hope there is one. I appreciate it.

I think it’s due to responsive settings. Bubble’s engine, I believe, re-renders the elements which makes it essentially start over.

Is the mobile device the primary platform for your app? If so, you may want to force a specific width and MAKE users look at it in landscape mode. Just throwing ideas out.

Try doing a bug report. They might be able to help with that. The multi-line text boxes were doing that and they were able to fix it. Maybe they can do the same for you.

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