Phonegap iOS app stuck on launch screen

I made native apps from my mobile bubble app, both Android and iOS. The Android version is working great, but the iOS version (made following the code-free and codeless class instructions) installs and loads, but never gets off of the loading screen graphic. It opens that up, and then just sits there perpetually.

Any ideas?

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I’m experiencing the same issue

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I also have the same issue. Were you able to resolve?

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Nope, no reply yet, no resolution. Still stuck on that page…

How is the Android app considering that you used the show/hide group structure. How does it react to the previous button found on Android devices?

Thanks for replying @ixisnine I managed to hide the splashscreen by adjusting the below from False to True but now I am left with a Blue Screen.

<preference value**="true**" name="auto-hide-splash-screen"/>

Will try and look into it more later and let you know if I get a resolution.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the blue screen seems like a “code signing” Xcode issue after speaking with the Apple developer team. Before I was able to manually sign and download the certificates into my keychain and my app worked on my device. I recently downloaded Xcode 8, and a new feature called “Automatic code signing is enabled. I am not able to upload the .ipa file into Xcode and make the .ipa file a target of the new “automatic code signing feature”.

I think this is the same problem so will see if can use the same work around.

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Anyone find a solution? It’s still broken for me.

Sorry @ixisnine, rather then spend too much time on it and risk relying on phonegap to work, I decided to use a webview wrapper and submit from Xcode.

Oh, cool. Would you happen to know of any tutorials on doing that?

Not specifically for but there probably is for generically creating an IOS app using webview which would be pretty similar. Too save time I purchased an app template (I used WebViewGold for IOS from Code Canyon) and then adjusted the URL and a couple of other minor adjustments. Was a little fickle getting approved by apple but after a few rejections it was approved.

The companies I’ve looked at mentioned they will own the code and give you a license to use the code in their user agreement. I didn’t want to go that route.

What dimensions did you use for your app when creating it on Bubble? I’m using WebViewGold with the dimensions 640x1136 and the app is super zoomed in when I open it

I used 380 x 597 but the app is designed primarily for mobile

If it helps I’m in the same boat using WebView and have spent a few weeks tweaking the responsiveness of my app.

I started with a 380px design width but after finding out that when iPhone 6, 7 are in the Display Zoom mode (something the end user controls), I changed mine to make it 320px wide by 568px high. Though that’s the dimensions for the main page, some groups are actually bigger and it works out okay because smaller phones cut those off and then bigger phones it displays what is intended.

The iPhone 6 I use on a daily bases was set to Display Zoom mode without my knowledge (it’s a setting under display preferences usually set up when the phone is set up) so I assume it’s the case for millions of other iPhone 6 and 7 users to be in this mode.

Overall I’m happy with it, but it was a huge pain in the @$$ to make it responsive. @mvandervoort did you run into issues of having the app zoomed in when loading on an iPhone 5 or 6, 6s, 7 when Display Zoom is turned on? Wondering if it’s possible to have it set up in such a way it’s not an issue being zoomed in from the start, bc that would be ideal.


@joemanier For this app I wasn’t too concerned about responsiveness between iphones so most of my elements are fixed width so I dont have to worry about them changing the UI as they alter with screen size/resolution. My main groups have a bit of padding so it doesnt look too bad even in display zoom mode but it would be better if I made it full responsive but I’m happy to just have something out there for this particular app for now.

Best of luck!

Any resolutions on the topic? I’m having the same issue.

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Well, I don’t know if you are stll beset with this issue right now. If so, you could first try to force close the app and your iOS device, then start them again to see if it helps. Otherwise, you are suggested to use any iOS system recovery tools to deal with it without data loss.