PhoneGap iOS Build

Wanted to get some clarification around a previous post that I saw around PhoneGap and what is actually working for me.

Here is a snippet of my index.html:

For the window.web_url_equivalent_for_phonegap, Bubble support previously told someone to change from to your registered domain which mine is

When I use my app will not go beyond the login screen of my app. But when I use, not only can users log in but the app fully functions as expected.

Anyone using phonegap for iOS and which url are you using?

There may be 2 reasons for this.

  1. Your bubble app does not have HTTPS configured but you tried calling it with https in the url (you need to upgrade to have https or try changing to http if the cordova build allows it.)
  2. Your domain is configured as (the www just redirects to it and the app conciders it a different domain www. is concidered different. Solution: try without www

Either or one of these should solve it, I hope :slight_smile:

I use the URL to my live app

But I will not get anything to show?