Photo documenting DIY projects

Dear all,

back a while I created a project to track projects (initially construction projects) via photo documenting the progress.
I am trying to make it more genral since the company used the product for construction sites could not get to make the workes take the photos regularly. Anyway, since I do some DIY projects on my own and I use the app only privately now I wanted to share it with you and get your feedback and opinions on it. Feel free to use and share it yourself. So far only available in German but I will change that soon and I hope it is not too hard to get the idea also like this…
Thanks for your time and looking forward to your feedback.

Enjoy “constructr”



That is strange since I

a) never removed the banner proactively (don’t even know if or how to do that)
b) the banner shows correctly for me on the lower right corner

What happens if you click “OK”


The box reappears a couple of times, and then on third click it takes me to Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code.

Maybe it is due to me selecting to translate the page?