Picking active image from previous page

Hi guys. I have a repetable group of images in page A.
And once I click that image I get taken to page B (workflow setting by me)

And then once i get to page B, i want to display the image I chose (clicked) in page A.
How can I do this?

Hi @kirogligurov :wave:
You need to set type of content of the page B with table of repeating group in page A
For example:-
This is my table in database which contains image

This is my Page A setup with repeating group of image

This is my Page B Setup

Hope it helps :+1:

Thanks, but the image i fetch is dynamic through the phantom wallet plugin. Does that still work then?

@kirogligurov Well in that case you need to pass image in the url like this

Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 14.13.56

Legend brother, thanks a lot, i’ll try that

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