Picture links are broken

Hey everyone, I just deployed my site from subdomain to my main domain and suddenly 90% of my photos got broken (not available.) Everything else works. :confused:

Does anyone have any suggestion? All inputs would be appreciated.

Protein Directory - The largest alt protein database globally (missing logos all the way down)

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Did you transfer the data as well as deploying the application? If you just took the step to “deploy current version to live” this only moves the app. You have to transfer the data separately.

Yes. I had it deployed Live everything previously and it worked fine: at “beta.protein.directory” (not available anymore)

Now I just moved it to www.protein.directory

So there were no changes on what’s deployed. I just moved to a new url.

So I have a database of startups. And people can claim their startup and add details.
All “unclaimed” logos just suddenly disappeared. And all the startup profiles that were claimed have their logos just fine.

@eve do you maybe have any kind input?:slight_smile: @Thimo suggested to ping you.


If you’ve already tried clearing your cache and cookies and the issue persists, please do file a bug report so that our team can investigate!

Thanks Eve.

I discovered the source of the problem:
When I uploaded my pictures in bulk I thought that Bubble automatically copies them to it’s database. It turned out that it doesn’t.

So when I removed the server that hosted the original pictures, then of course all the picture URLs got broken consequently.

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@eve : is there a way to avoid this issue?
I mean: is there a way to save photos to Bubble’s server when they are uploaded in bulk (instead of referring back to the original URLs)?

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