Pictures for my online shop aren't loadind


I have a problem problem with my online shop and wanted to ask here if anyone could help me.

When I click on a product in my shop the pictures takes super long to load and then if I want to look at a second product the image is completely gone (just a withe blank spot, where the picture of the product should be).
I already downgraded the quality of the images to <100kb and in the format .webp

Does maybe some have experience with this or knows how to fix this.

Hi can you share a link so I can take a look?

Just tested and the images are all working from my side of things, great looking project btw!

Test it on a few different devices, it might just be a browser/ cache issue on your device? If not it might be a CDN issue for your area if other devices different networks are having the same issue

Oka, thank you very much.