Pie charts that accept a number?

Hi there,

Does anyone know any pie charts that accept a number instead of list of numbers because i have a list of option sets and the only way to count them is using the operator count, however when i want to show this data in a pie chart quite a few only accept a list of numbers.

You can check this example: How do I count individual option sets? - #2 by hergin

To be more clear, you need a list of numbers anyway. Simply counts for each option. So, one single number doesnt make too much sense.

This works for the simple chart plugin, however not the air chart plugin, because its output is a number not a list of numbers,

Again, passing a number to here doesn’t make sense. Because piecharts accept a list of numbers. You are counting option sets in the wrong way. Check the example in the link how I use group by operator to count each option, which will result in a list.

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ahh i see what you mean, thanks again :grinning:

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