Pin Email Server From Bubble?

Sorry for the vague placement, I’m not sure where it would go. Is it possible to ping an email server (or realistically send multiple pings to a server) to check if an email is a deliverable email address? (IE: versus preferably in bulk - by the 100’s versus one at a time.

It’s fine if it’s messy and technical, that I don’t mind attempting to figure out. But as it stands now I can’t wrap my head around it.


I think 2 subjects are mixed here:

  1. pinging server (eg. to see if exists, is up, etc)
  2. checking existence of user mail address on the specific server

For (1) there are tricks with javascript or you write own api somewhere (php, python,…) that you will call from Bubble. Or you look for existing API doing that. Notice that some servers don’t respond to pings.

When it comes to (2) it’s more tricky. The only way I’m aware of is:
a) pinging mx servers (mail) in certain domain
b) if not existing/not responding - done
c) if existing and responding…
d) … telnet (!) to the server and send list of commands with parameters (helo, mail to, rcpt to, quit) that will give appropriate responses - eg. “550 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected” that you could interpret.

However, some (most?) servers will not allow that for many reasons (this would be a motherlode for spammers!), so still the check won’t be reliable. This solution would require either external page api written in server side language (php, python, ruby, perl, asp .net, …); who knows - maybe API like that exists already; or telnet implemented in javascript (that exists afaik).
Attention: your servers’ IP (from where you do this check) will be added to blacklist on remote servers if you do too many requests…

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