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Pin text box to left/right

One limitation I’ve run across with text boxes is that they’re not very forgiving if the text inside is larger than the text box it is contained in. If the text inside is longer, it usually stretches the text box vertically instead of horizontally resulting in a usually unreadable mess of text.

What would be amazing is a way to pin the text box to one side that basically says "hey, if the text is longer than the text box, stretch the text box in the opposite direction. So if I wanted to have a text box for a user’s email that is ‘pinned’ on the left side to a button (see below), it would extend to the left as the text gets longer.

Obviously when a text box contains static content it can be sized accordingly, but when the text is dynamic content such as a user’s name or email, all bets are off.


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Kind of auto-resizing?

Yeah, something like that would work. If that is checked and the text is aligned to the right, it would extent do the left.

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I see your point. Keep same alignment to the right or the left or middle. User choice.

It’s a good idea Chris.

Yeah. I want something like this on my website, but right now it wouldn’t really work… I could make the text box much longer than needed just in case the name is long, but then the little icon would be way off to one side.