Pinnable Messages

Is it possible to “Pin” a Message in a repeating group list?

If by ‘pin’, you mean to pin an item to the top, as most forums offer, yes. you can do this quite easily with the built-in “sort by” section when doing a “search for” in the data source. Add something like an “Is pinned?” field (type: yes/no) in the data type you wish to pin.

Then, in the repeating group, do your search for the data type, then just sort by “Is pinned?”. All of the items with “Is pinned = yes” should show up at the top.

I am trying to do my own Social Media and I want messages that are pinned to be at the top of the Posts.

Yep, that should work then.

Just add a field to the Post data type to indicate if a Post has been pinned or not (“Is pinned?” [yes/no], for example). Then just sort by “Is pinned?”. “Is pinned? = yes” posts should show up first.

Ok. Thanks for your help!

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