Pinterest-like feature

Hi there,

Since everyone was so helpful with all my questions so far, I dare to ask another one. :sweat_smile:

I have the following feature:

There will be three different types of databases:

  1. The element database (I will have different databases because the platform will have different types of elements). Here’s an example:

  2. The collection database (we call them playlists):

I’m not sure how to build the workflows so that when a user clicks save in IMAGE 2, to send the element in IMAGE 1 to a specific collection, the collection database to get updated correctly.

I hope I was clear enough, if not I’m open to answering any questions.

Thanks a lot!

@mikeloc , do you, by any chance, know how to solve this as well? Thanks a lot!

I would need to know more about your setup, but it seems like you need a workflow that makes changes to a list of playlists, and the change to make is to add the selected element to the list field in the Playlist data type. Have you tried doing something like that?

Just to give you a few more details.

The element type is Event Recordings.

The pop-up (with all the playlists of a user) type is Playlist.

I’m trying to build a workflow Make a change to Parent’s Group Playlist’s List of Recordings, but I don’t know exactly what to add, because I can’t select the specific element I first clicked to save.

I hope this makes sense.

Try storing the selected element in a custom state when the save button is clicked, and then access the element by referencing the custom state in the popup’s workflow.

Feeling like a complete moron but I can’t find a way to work with custom states. I’ll describe what I did:

When the save button on the element is clicked it has the following workflow:

  1. Show pop-up with all playlists
  2. Set state of an element:
  • Element: Past Event Card which is the element’s group I want to save
  • Current State: Past Event Card Saved (type yes/no)
  • Value: yes

Even so, I still can’t reference the element in the popup’s workflow, because I’m probably doing something wrong.

Try creating a custom state with a state type of Event Recordings, and when the save button is clicked, set the custom state to the selected element (maybe something like Past Event Card's element).

Created the custom state with a state type of Event Recordings:

Set the custom state to the selected element when the button is clicked:

…still not working :expressionless:

What’s not working? Now that the custom state is set, you can access the state’s value in a workflow step and add that value to a field on a list of playlists when the popup’s button is clicked.

So far I added all the workflows to the save button that I have in the element group.

Now that I need to add the workflow to the save button from the popup that has all the playlists, I can’t find the state’s value in the workflow:

Which element did you add the custom state to? When referencing a custom state, you have to first select the element it is associated with, and then you will be able to select the state itself.

I added the custom state to the Past Event Card element, which is this one:

Then when a user clicks save two things happen:

  1. This popup appears:

  2. This workflow happens:

When I once again click any save button next to any playlist (like in the popup image), I should be able to store the element in the specific playlist selected - field: List of Event Recordings. But I can’t find the element or the custom state next to List of Event Recordings add …

The Past Event Card element isn’t in the list? Where is that element in relation to other elements on the page and the popup itself?

If you want to send me a link to your editor (privately) so I can take a look under the hood, I am sure we can get it working.