Pitchfront - get your pitch read by journalists, guaranteed!


I’ve built my first application on Bubble.

Pitchfront.com - Pitchfront helps startups get press coverage with an innovative platform that pays journalists to read pitches.

If your pitch isn’t read within 7 days (for each journalist you send the pitch to), you’ll be refunded your credits.

This solves the problem of cold emailing masses of journalists and having your pitch sat unread in an inbox (journalists get a LOT of emails).

We’re currently in the ‘pre-launch’ phase so I only have a page that collects emails/allows journalists to join, but we’ve finished up development and we’re working on marketing now.

Really happy with it and I love that Bubble has enabled me to do this!

FYI, this took about 3 weeks from start to finish. I built this functionality:

• Messaging system
• 2 user types (normal + journalist)
• Stripe payments
• Credits system
• On-site balance/wallet
• Account settings
• Dashboard with relevant statistics
• Responsiveness (eek, this one sucked)

Thanks to everyone that helped! We’ll be officially opening publicly in early April :slight_smile:

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Congrats @plund.
I really love your business ideas. And the site looks very clean and well done.

Question. How do you ensure that journalists actually read the pitches.
You state on the site that “You will only be able to mark a pitch as ‘read’ after reading for 6 seconds.”
How are you verifying this. What prevents journalists from just opening your pitch, leaving it on the screen for the 6 seconds while they attend to something else?

What will be the format for the pitches.

I really think this is great idea and i will be launching an app soon so such service will be useful to get some press coverage.

Btw the site is currently using the bubble favicon, you may want to change it to your own logo icon.

Thanks, much appreciated. I love your plugins :D!

It’s a hard thing to manage but if a user changes tabs/navigates off the page, the count starts again. They have to be on the page for 6 seconds and in that time they can skim a long pitch or read a short pitch (ultimately you should try to get a journalist’s attention within the first couple of seconds).

Gah yes the favicon, there’s always something I need to do! I’m sure there will be a few bugs when we roll out but I’ll certainly fix ASAP :slight_smile:

Ok here are some few minor issues I’ve seen while viewing on mobile (Yeah i know, this annoying responsive stuff)

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Also I think you may want to be clear about the point that Journalists earn when they “read”, instead of “receive” a pitch.

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Great concept for an app, it’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

Wanted to chime in regarding:

What about forcing people to retype an entry? Even a small portion of it. I don’t think it would be too much to ask of a person that’s about to get paid out by a platform to put in a little proof that they paid attention to the content. If the company pitching was allowed to provide a max-length “TLDR;” section or highlight an area of the existing pitch that’s most important then you could force the journalist to retype that area while preventing copy-pasting. If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend setting up recaptchas on both sides of the submission->verification process. These are things I’d want to exist as a potential customer, but not required obviously :smile: Overall, I believe if you can grow and balance both sides of this marketplace while making everyone happy you’re going to have a lot of opportunities to make it successful.

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Check out how this site manages the other side…

I think it might be worthwhile to require the journalist to provide some type of feedback as a response to show that it has been read.

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@seanhoots hoots Thanks for the feedback - fixed these issues! Need to upload a favicon still. It seems like your device doesn’t load the ‘step’ icons. Maybe they’re limited to iOS - will check.

@philip Thank you! Yeah it’s something we need to consider. My fear is that journalists would have an issue with joining the platform so I tried to reduce friction as much as possible (I’m trying to build the ‘supply’ side right now). That being said, it needs to be of value for startups submitting pitches too, so I may have to add something like this.

Interesting idea about recaptchas - would this be for the journalists joining up or for the startups who are submitting pitches? My idea was that if pitches are essentially ‘paid’ for, this would reduce spam and therefore negate the need for a recaptcha.

@stephencharles Yep they’re our inspiration - I love what they did with music and music blogs. They work a little differently in the sense that it’s free to submit to a blog, but a ‘premium’ submission results in a reply from the blog. We may head in this direction too, going to do a few tests and see what works best (I’m trying to avoid aversion from journalists but also want it to be of value for startups submitting pitches).

Awesome idea and site! I’ve already added my email in :slight_smile:
Just wanted to share something while trying to find your site back in my tabs…
The Flavicon is Bubble’s one!

You might want to change that to your own logo :slight_smile:
Excited to see where you guys go!

Hi plund…

Great idea and innovative concept.

I could not find it at www.pitchfront.com. Did the site go live with a different name ?