PIUIUX Navigation Bar - New Plugin by Andrea Purracchio

Dear @jarett1
You are completely right!!!
I’m very sorry for that, but I haven’t updated plugin’s test page for over a year.

However. I’ve just update the presentation/test page
where you can see the next steps to add icons …

  1. Create an option and name it like “Navigation” or “Menu” or what you want…with almost three text parameters:
    “Label” (you can use Display of option), “Icon” and “Url”

  2. Valorize the parameters above with proper values and you can add a SVG directly in Icon parameter.
    Why SVG !? …more speed (the server don’t need to interrogate Google’s datas to display them) and more flexibility: you can download tons and tons of icons from the web.
    Where I get SVG icons !? …
    OK …
    Google Fonts
    … or where you want (or you can create one from scratch)

That’s the good practice, however you can do that in more differents ways.

Take a look at test page above and ask me if have doubts!