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PIUIUX Navigation Bar

Released version 1.1.0

Added new FIXED items alignment.

With fixed alignment each items expand their width until occupies all void space.

Try it at:

Enjoy and let me know. Please.


Pretty cool! Maybe you should make a free plugin (or multiple) so that more people will know your plugin profile and then will buy your paid plugins. (I also like your plugins but have no money for them. But with free plugins people can easily access your plugin page, then your contributor page, then maybe they will have money later.)
Sorry if nothing I just said makes no sense. :cry:

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I dont think he can stay in his studio if the plugins are offered for free. We don’t want to see ‘Homeless Purracchio’

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Okay? :thinking:

:smile: :smile: :smile:
It makes sense, @Xann, it’s in my road map to make some “specchietto per le allodole” for free, but I can do it when my project is completely done.

However, @Codeables said well. I don’t used external libraries for my plugins like many others do.

Each plugin is projected and developed from scretch and this has a huge advantage for customers:
1 - I’ve total control about code that makes plugin, for instance, debugging and improving better.
2 - I can develop every wishes customers wants to have in their project (if are important things) …
N - …

Those are reasons because my plugin is so expensive. …but, it’s really so expensive !?

You don’t have to care about cost but value of a product. I think.



Okay, I understand. :smile:

Does your menu bar conditionally move buttons to the left or right when one his conditionally hidden?

I don’t get what you said, @josh10 . But I hope to answer your question below.
Navigation bar can move their buttons by conditions (on the fly) like every other parameters.
There’s no possibility to hidden a single button.
However, if you mean “change alignment when a menu item is deleted/created” the answer is YES! because …as I said, Navigation bar can move their buttons by conditions …every type of condition.

Essentially like when a horizontal group is hidden and the space is collapsed. That’s essentially what I was referring to. Thanks for the reply!

I’m very sorry, @josh10, but I can’t figure the real context and use of your question.

However, YES, Navigation bar can be modified when is visible or not because every change of every conditions updates structure of component.

If you explain me some real example step by step I can replicate it and I will show you the result.

Can we use icons instead of just text or perhaps font awesoem codes + text ? I think currently on text is allowed.

Wait for next releases, it’s in road map.

Can you also see if you can use option sets for holding menu tex? in option sets we can created a set of menu texts then under that we can have attributes like url etc. currently if I do this I only see the display name and cannot choose the attribute for url. This may open up further use cases.

I think @josh10 is just asking How you made it :slight_smile:

This is really cool! I don’t have use for it at the moment, but it makes me want to find a use case for it :smiley:

@studio.purracchio is it possible to make sliding tabs in mobile using this plugin?

What “sliding tabs” means. Many people use those words in various ways. Be more detailed. See you.

hai @studio.purracchio in whatsapp android version, you can slide left and right using your finger, to choose status, call history and chats. can i create a tab like that using this plugin?

I will show you a gif. courtesy : stackoverflow


Yes you can do that with this plugin.


This sound like a Bubble issue. I will notice that to Bubble Team as soon as possible.

Hai i tried with your demo page using webview wraper. Its not working. Please check the link.