Placeholder element & reusable component (different than reusable element) feature request

Hi I was wondering if Bubble team could build a place holder element.

  • The place holder element or a list of place holders .
  • It should be able to hold a reusable component. it can choose any reusable component during * the rending of the page if a particular conditions are met you have to specify the conditions on the placeholder settings window that would show you a list of all reusable component.
  • The reusable component should be like reusable element.
  • I can go and build a reusable multiple reusable component.
  • The place holder element can pass current cell data to the reusable component for design.
  • You have to specify the data source in the page you drew the place holder but drop data fields in the reusable element component design page.
    I think this will be fast and help create most complex page structures possible while maintaining speed.


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Hey @MrMaker :wave:

Cool idea. Try submitting it to the Idea Board. That way it can get upvoted and it then maybe they will implement it. :+1:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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